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Lt. William R. Cauley, active male serviceman, responds to Col. Brook re: women in combat

Lieutenant William R. Cauley, an active infantry officer in the US Army debunks the myths of womens inferior physical capability, low female retention, and the primal urges of male soldiers that Colonel Brooks bases his argument against the inclusion of women in combat (http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/03/26/is-our-country-setting-women-up-to-fail/)

  • ON RETENTION: The issue of female retention in combat units is a misnomer, as retention and motiviation are issues for men in the defence force.
  • ON PHYSICAL CAPABILITY: Cauley writes that “Neither gender had a monopoly on success or failure when faced with harsh and rigorous training. I will not dwell on the tired arguments about physical ability.”

ON PRIMAL URGES OF MEN: Cauley concedes that sexual violence and harassment are serious issues in the US defence force, but argues that there needs to be a cultural shift in attitudes towards women and sex akin to the shift when African-american soldiers were integrated into the white US army.

SOURCE: Thomas E. Ricks, 2015, ‘Col. Brooks, about women in the Army: I don’t think you know today’s force,’ Foreign Policy, March 31, https://foreignpolicy.com/2015/03/31/col-brooks-about-women-in-the-army-i-dont-think-you-know-todays-force/

IDF avoids using sexual harassment with “conduct unbecoming an officer” for recent firing

The Israeli Defene Force investigated Lieutenant Colonel Liran Hajbi for sexually harassing two female soldiers, but only charged him with ‘conduct unbecoming an officer,’ and issued his immediate dismissal without a criminal record. The indictment indicates that Hajbi sent inappropriate text messages to his female secretary, as well as hugged and kissed a female solider against her will. Not only was this man an officer in the IDF, he was the commander of the battalion that these two female soldiers served in. The hypocrisy of a defence force that “takes very seriously the issue of sexual offences against its soldiers,” yet fails to prosecute sexual harassment is astounding.


“One of the complainants said she is disappointed by how the military justice system takes into account the battlefield achievements of soldiers in determining charges, when she feels such considerations should only come into play when determining punishment.”

Source: Lilac Shoval, 2015, ‘Officer forced out of IDF over inappropriate behavior toward women,’ Israelhayom [Online], March 30, (http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_article.php?id=24511)