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Cate McGregor Speaks out about being a trans woman in the Australian Defense Forces

Summary: Group Captain Cate McGregor began her gender transition in 2012, and is now speaking out about her experiences in the Australian Defence Force as a woman in 2015. Woman are sidelined, ignored and interrupted in many sectors, and many notable advocates have spoken up about this insidious discrimination. McGregor’s remarks highlight the acute distinction between women and men in the male-dominated military and provide a comparison of experiences as a man and woman. While McGregor speaks up about her experiences of marginalisation as a woman, she is also vocal about the support Chief of Army David Morrison and her cricketing circle demonstrated when transitioning. Cate McGregor will address the National Press Club next Wednesday about her transformation as part of the Women in Media lectures.

SOURCE: Emma Macdonald, 2015, ‘A woman in a man’s man’s world,’ April 1, The Canberra Times,

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