April 4, 2015: US Army members demanding flexibility to meet family needs

Summary: The generation of millennial men and women serving in the US forces require greater flexibility in work arrangements to manage their family and service. A recent survey found that the values among young male officers more closely mirror that of women than those of older men, says Mr. Barno, now a distinguished practitioner in residence at American University’s School of International Service in Washington. The US Defense Secretary Carter has asked DoD to “think outside the five-sided box called the Pentagon about how [they] need to change so that [they] remain attractive to our children and our children’s children.”  With the concept of the nuclear family breaking down and other industries adapting to changed lifestyles, the defence forces also need to keep up.

Source: Anna Mulrine, 2015, ‘For Military Millenials, ‘ duty or child?’ is not just an issue for women,’ CSMonitor, 4 April, http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Military/2015/0404/For-military-Millennials-duty-or-child-is-not-just-an-issue-for-women

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