April 4: Male Special Ops Troops doubt women’s ability to serve in combat roles

Summary: Special Operations forces have conducted several surveys on troops’ perceptions and understandings about women in combat. The greatest fear is that training and physical standards will be lowered to integrate women,to the detriment of Special Operations forces. “One survey, by RAND Corp., reflected doubts that women could meet the overall job demands, found concerns that sexual harassment or assault could increase, and cited worries about “unequal treatment” of special operations candidates and personnel. Some worried that if women were let in to some jobs, they might be treated more harshly.” The survey details have not been released officially, however these results were obtained from the public discussions conducted by Special Operations Command.

SOURCE: Lolita C. Balidor, 2015, ‘Special ops survey: troops doubt women cut out for elite combat roles,’ PBSNews, April 4, http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/special-ops-troops-doubt-women-cut-elite-combat-roles/

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