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Last female in Marine Corp’s ‘dropped’ from Infantry Officer Course

Summary: The Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course (IOC) was gender-integrated in September 2012 in an attempt to evaluate the ‘feasibility of opening ground combat jobs to women.’ However no female volunteers have successfully completed the course. Even though eligibility requirements for the IOC expanded in order to meet the goal of 100 female volunteers, there were only 27 female officers who attempted the course throughout the two and a half year testing phase, with 4 passing the Combat Endurance Test. This is not the end for women in combat, as further research and analysis is needed, including a comparison of the Infantry Training Battalion Course, which had a higher pass rate of 44% for female Marines.

SOURCE: Hope Hodge Seck, April 7 2015, ‘Last IOC in Marine infantry experiment drops female officers,’ Marine Corps Times, http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/story/military/2015/04/07/last-ioc-in-marine-experiment-drops-two-officers/25418867/

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