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Transgender woman wins Discrimination Case Against US Army

SUMMARY: Tamara Lusardi has served in the US army for nearly three decades. Five years ago she decided to transition from a male to female gender identity and faced serious workplace discrimination as a result. After 3 years of legal proceedings, with the first complaint filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2012, the commission decided in her favour on April 1 2015, in a landmark decision that protects transgender employees across all federal agencies. Army Spokesperson Wayne V Hall has stated the military branch will comply with the EEOC decision, despite a right to appeal within 30 days. If uncontested, Lusardi will gain compensatory damages, access to female facilities and guaranteed prevention of future harassment or retaliatory action. However, this decision will not change military policy banning transgender people from uniformed service as it only applies to US civilian government employees, says the Legal Director for the Transgender Law Centre.

SOURCE: Max Blau, April 9 2015, ‘Alabama transgender woman wins discrimination case against US Army,’ The Guardian,

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