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Canadian Armed Forces dealing with a ‘sexualised culture’

SUMMARY: Christine Moore, New Democrat MP and veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces says it takes a ‘really horrible’ incident for military brass to intervene in sexual assault and harassment, which leaves the ‘little stuff’ to be ignored. While Moore experienced sexual harassment during her three years in the forces, her remarks come from personal experience. The sentiment that ‘military brass’ are only concerned with serious sexual misconduct has been supported by the recent Deschamps report, an external review into how the Canadian military deals with sexual misconduct. The report was ordered in April 2014 and the main finding is that the leadership is at fault for the ‘sexualised culture’ in the military. This ‘sexualised culture’ has forced women to endure crude jokes, degrading comments and innuendo that would be considered sexual harassment and misconduct in any other context. This demonstrates the problematic culture in the military that needs to be remedied if any reform is to take effect.

SOURCE: Alex Boutillier, April 30 2015, ‘MP Christine Moore faced military harassment first hand,’ The Star, http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2015/04/30/mp-christine-moore-faced-military-harassment-first-hand.html   and Lee Berthiaume, May 1 2015, ‘Military culture ‘hostile’ to women, gays, says damning report,’ Ottawa Citizen, http://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/military-releases-report-on-sexual-assault-in-its-ranks

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