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What are the Lessons from ‘Ashley’s War?’

SUMMARY: Dina Gachman provides a brief summary of Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s book Ashley’s War: The Untold Story of a Team of Women Soldiers on the Special Ops Battlefield, which follows a group of female soldier’s in the Special Ops Cultural Support Team (CST), on missions in Afghanistan. Gachman provides an anecdotal 7-point list about life lessons to learn from this book, and women in the military more generally.

  1. Female soldiers do their job for the same reasons as men
  • Lemmon says these motivations are “to be part of something bigger and to serve with the best of the best.”
  1. Female bonding gets them through tough situations
  • Lemmon characterises the CST as a “battlefield sisterhood.”
  1. A job well done stands out
  • Other soldiers embraced what these women were doing on the battlefield as “it helped them get their mission done.”
  1. You can be Feminine and Fierce
  • These women were described by Lemmon as a “fascinating mix of feminine, fierce and tough and warm… these are millenials.”
  1. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
  2. Its about Leadership
  • These women “put their heart into it because they wanted to be part of something they truly believed in.”
  1. Women are not alone
  • “when women see one another for the first time, they realise ‘It’s not just me.’”

SOURCE: Dina Gachman, April 27 2015, ‘7 Career and life lessons inspired by women in the military, because they’re (sort of) just like us,’ Bustle,

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