The Final 8 Women in Ranger School Fail to Move Forward, But Win Our Respect

SUMMARY: All eight of the female soldiers and 101 male soldiers participating in the Army Ranger school have failed to pass phase one, the Ranger Assessment Phase. These soldiers will be ‘recycled,’ meaning they can re-attempt the training phase in the upcoming Ranger School session. Interestingly, an additional 35 male soldiers had to drop out entirely as they failed to meet the standards, and only 115 male students met the requirements. According the military statistics, 33% of Ranger School graduates are ‘recycled,’ (have failed at least once before), and only 3% of the entire US army is Ranger qualified. While defense officials have not confirmed the effect of peer evaluations on the performance of these female soldiers, this data would shed light on the reasons these students failed.

SOURCE: Matthew Cox, May 8 2015, ‘Female soldiers Fail to Pass Phase One of Army Ranger School,,

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