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Canadian Military still does not take sexual misconduct seriously

SUMMARY: Lesleyanne Ryan is a retired Canadian Armed Forces veteran who reported being assaulted by a superior in 1994. Ryan has expressed that CAF culture creates a ‘vicious cycle in which women who speak out are unlikely to get promoted, and female recruits are hesitant to enlist.’ When Ryan was filing a complaint, another female colleague expressed that the same assailant raped them. However, lawyers dissuaded this female colleague from filing a complaint as she was inebriated at the time, and the claim would lack merit. This reveals that victim shaming is still well and truly present in the military. Ryan also revealed that the investigation process, conducted by military police, lacks independence and is ‘riddled with bias,’ for example, her verbal complaint was written and submitted, but was never verified by her, and in fact it misrepresented her claims.

SOURCE: Unknown, May 16 2015, ‘Victim says military misconduct still not taken seriously,’ CBC News,

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