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New Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford to determine women in combat policy

SUMMARY: New Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Marine General Joseph Dunford, will be in charge of the committee making the final decision about women in combat, once he is sworn in during October 2015. Dunford, who has not revealed a particularly strong position on the matter of women in combat, will replace current chairman Army General Martin E. Dempsey, who is known for being an ‘enthusiastic supporter of integrating women into all units.’ All military branches must provide their recommendations by September so that by January 2016 the Pentagon can determine whether there will be any units exempt from the policy to open up positions to women. Interestingly Dunford is the Marine Commandant, who has a major role in deciding individual combat standards, and will be submitting a recommendation to the Pentagon for the Marine Corps.

SOURCE: Rowan Scarborough, May 10 2015, ‘ New Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford to make call on women in combat,’ Washington Times,

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