Where are the IDF at with Integrating Women into all Combat Roles?

SUMMARY: GOC Army headquarters have completed a series of trials to determine if female combat troops can serve in IDF’s armored corps. Medical Corps officials examined the workloads and noted that integrating female soldiers into tanks was harmful. The physiological trials included a test of the abilities of an average young female adult inside the combat compartment of the Merkava tank. The two roles are that of ‘loader’ tasked with carrying the hefty artillery shells, and the “driver,” who must press down on the heavy peddle with considerable strength. The IDF is working to widely expand the number of female combat soldiers in the military, primarily as the army has lost thousands of combat troops after reducing the mandatory service period by four months, but only 5% of women are in combat roles.

SOURCE: Yoav Zitun, May 17 2015, ‘IDF rejects female integration in Armored Corps,’ ynetnews, http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4658372,00.html

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