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Canadian Royal Military College Cadets Disgrace Themselves and the CDF with Outdated (and illegal) Attitudes About Rape

SUMMARY: Julia Lalonde presented a sexual-assault prevention lecture at the Royal Military College, Canada, to a resistant and hostile audience. Lalonde has spear-headed a campaign called,, which teaches that consent cannot be given when someone is incapacited, for example when intoxicated. Several cadets during the session suggested that, ‘women who drink too much are enabling their own rape.’ The cadets actively ignored, whistled and laughed at Lalonde, as one cadet said, ‘all respect for the presenter was lost and she struggled to carry on with the presentation.’ Moreover, the institution’s response has demonstrated the pervasive and pernicious culture that ignores responsibility for sexual misconduct. When Lalonde complained about the experience on twitter, there was a massive backlash from cadets that participated in the session. After officially complaining to RMC, the school’s commandant Brigadier-General Al Meinzinger only apologized after five months, further stating that disciplinary action could not be taken on any individual cadets as they could not be identified.

SOURCE: James Cudmore, May 22 2015, ‘Royal Military College cadets struggled with questions of sexual consent: Educator,’ CBC News,

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