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Center for Military Readiness Ignores Research and Begs Congress to Roll Back Gains on Integrating Women Into Combat Roles

SUMMARY: Defying all logic, former top military leaders are asking Congress to exercise its oversight over the integration of women into combat. The Center for Military Readiness, a conservative think tank that opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and has railed against the integration of women into combat roles for years, wrote  a letter to the leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees containing concerns from former military officials that women in combat will adversely effect combat readiness and lower standards. The letter also asked the committee members to review all research findings from the Marine Corps and Army Ranger experiments before implementing any policies that permit women in combat. The letter asking lawmakers to look closely at problems with gender integration is signed by nearly 100 supporters, including Gen. Harry Shelton, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff; Gen. Walter Boomer, the former assistant commandant of the Marine Corps; and Adm. Thomas Hayward, the former chief of naval operations.

SOURCE: Jacqueline Klimas, May 21 2015, ‘Former military leaders ask for better Congressional oversight of women in combat,’ Washington Times,

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