Did the Marine Corps shoot itself in the foot by dismissing female commander?

SUMMARY: Lynn Lowder, is a Silver Star recipient and Marine Corps Reconnaissance veteran, who writes about the recent dismissal of Lieutenant Colonel Kate Germano, Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps’ all-female training battalion. The Corps apparently has struggled “against its own culture” due to “systematic gender bias – even in the higher echelons of command.” Germano has 19 years of combat tours, recruiting tours, an assignment as the Secretary of the Navy’s aide de camp and a successful run as commander of the all-female training battalion, under her belt. Specifically while commander of the training battalion, Germano increased female first-time rifle qualification scores from 68% to 91%. The dismissal is according to Lowder, “vilification,” and reflects the Corps’ poor attitude towards successful integration of women.

SOURCE: Lynn Lowder, July 20 2015, ‘Once more the Marine Corps screws up when dealing with female Marines,’ Foreign Policy,https://foreignpolicy.com/2015/07/20/once-more-the-marine-corps-screws-up-when-dealing-with-female-marines/

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