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Unsung Heroes: Female Medic in Combat

SUMMARY: Army Pfc (Private First Class) Monica Brown was the first woman to be awarded the Silver Star, a prestigious award for valor during combat, in 2008 for her “gallantry” during the war in Afghanistan. Brown provided medical treatment to two critically injured soldiers when a vehicle in her convoy was hit with an IED in 2007. However, two days later Brown was removed from her posting after her presence as a “female in a combat arms unit” gained attention. Brown stated in an interview with the Washington post, “I didn’t want to leave.” This is just one narrative of several women who have served in combat support positions, but have engaged with combat. Their stories will hopefully mobilise support to alter the myths and perceptions around ‘women in combat.’

SOURCE: Michael Smith, July 23 2015, ‘Unsung Heroes: The female soldier who provided crucial medical treatment under mortar fire,’ TaskandPurpose, http://taskandpurpose.com/unsung-heroes-the-female-soldier-who-provided-crucial-medical-treatment-under-mortar-fire/

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