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Getting Women Into Combat May Still Take 2 Years

SUMMARY: Military officials in a new Government Accountability Office Report predict it will take up to two years to recruit, assess, train, test and assign women in combat positions. The report calls for the Pentagon to develop long-term integration plans, as evidence comes forward that top Pentagon civilian leaders have no plans to monitor or follow-up implementation of the policies when they come to effect in January 2016. The report also stated, “Without ongoing monitoring of the services’ and [Special Operations Command’s] implementation progress in integrating previously closed positions and occupations, it will be difficult for DoD to have visibility over the extent to which the services and SOCOM are overcoming potential obstacles to integration.’ In response to the GAO report, the Pentagon is formulating a monitoring system. The Army and Marine Corps are examining five areas of concern; women’s health; equipment and gear; modifications to military facilities; and level of interest among women (propensity).

SOURCE: Andrew Tilghman, July 29 2015, ‘ GAO: Getting women into combat jobs may take 2 years’ Military Times,

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