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New Book ‘Women at War’

SUMMARY: Retired Army Colonel Elspeth Cameron Ritchie and Army National Guard Colonel Anne Naclerio have edited a book published by Oxford University Press titled, ‘Women at War.’ The book examines data on the effects of war and military service on women, especially in the areas of health, family, interpersonal relationships, financial stability and career advancement. The book features 19 chapters written by 40 contributors, with extensive academic research and scope – comes examples are illness and mortality rates of women in Iraq and Afghanistan, PTSD, reproductive health, motherhood in wartime and homecomings. Ritchie who was deployed to Iraq said, “women don’t want to admit they have different needs than men do,” which is partly the reason the book examines many of the unspoken issues such as birth control, sex, disease, death and reproductive concerns.

SOURCE: Patricia Kime, July 27 2015, ‘New book explores women’s challenges in combat zones,’ Military Times,

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