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Lt. Col Kate Germano Speaks Out About Her Dismissal

SUMMARY: Lieutenant Colonel Kate Germano, former commanding officer of the Fourth Recruit Training Battalion in the Marine Corps at Parris Island, speaks out about her recent dismissal. Germano radically improved the physical test rates and tactical training of her recruits, especially female candidates. When asked about her time as a leader she says, “I believe that there was a specific group of Marines who were not receptive to change and who did not like my leadership style.” When her superiors recorded Germano’s “aggressive,” “blunt” and “direct” recruitment style as unsuitable, Germano responded, “in my career of 19 years, what I found was that my counterparts would not be told those things.” Chief of Staff on Parris Island, Colonel Jeffrey Fultz insists that “the investigation substantiated Lt Col Germano abused her authority and lacked the ability to maintain the working relationships required to effectively lead.”

SOURCE: Oliver Lazarus, ‘Former female Marine commander says she was fired for pushing women to the same standards as men,’,

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