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US Defense Secretary wants women who meet the standards in combat

SUMMARY: Defense Secretary Ashton Carter made it clear during his speech to the American Legion that restrictions would be lifted on women in combat positions for those who can meet the standards. Carter made reference to the achievements of Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver, the two female Ranger school graduates saying, “when put to the test, not everyone, only a select few, will meet our standards of combat excellence. But no one needs to be barred from their chance to be tested.” While the 1994 regulations prohibiting women from serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment still stand, Carter’s comments indicate that top military brass may be relaxing their tight grip on combat positions for women who meet the existing standards.

SOURCE: Richard Sisk, September 1 2015, ‘Carter: Military should let women meet standards for combat jobs,’,

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