Professor of Gender and War. University of Sydney

Gender and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

The study of women, gender and security in post-conflict environments has been a long-term and ongoing focus. Research in this area began with a project examining the experiences of female combatants in Sierra Leone’s civil war, and the challenges they face reintegrating into society post-conflict. Subsequent sub-projects have included attention to the gendered nature of peace-keeping and police-keeping in Timor Leste, peace-keeper masculinities in Palestine, the role of amnesty in peace agreements, the types of methods used to measure truth and reconciliation, and the ties between colonial logic and post-conflict reintegration rhetoric. There are several future projects planned within this theme, including follow-up research with female combatants in Sierra Leone, which will interrogate the concept of ‘reintegration’ and consider the long-term ‘impacts’ of war for women.

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