Professor of Gender and War. University of Sydney

Gender, (In)security, and Temporalities of Violence

SSSHARC Global Symposium convened by Megan MacKenzie and Laura J. Shepherd

September 18- 21, 2019

About the Symposium

Conventional Western accounts of war suggest it is bracketed by a beginning and an end. Gendered experiences of violence and (in)security, however, manifest across formal periods of peace, war, and the so-called post-war era. This symposium explores how to better understand complex temporalities of war by attending to gendered forms of (in)security. The symposium proceeds from the premise that understanding whether the effects of war are, or can be, contained is of significant global importance. Exploring the temporal assumptions that frame conventional Western accounts of war permits consideration of gendered (in)securities that might be ignored, over-looked, or under-researched as a result of previously being considered ‘outside’ of war’s temporal limits.

Symposium organising committee

The symposium organising committee is led by co conveners Megan MacKenzie and Laura J. Shepherd. Supported by the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre and the University’s Office of Global Engagement.

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