Professor of Gender and War. University of Sydney


(Download the full program here: SSSHARC Global Symposium Program)

Wednesday, 18 September

14.00-18.00 Research design and methods workshop (by invitation)
  Qualitative research on gender, security and political violence

Thursday, 19 September

16.30-17.00 Welcome to Country
17.00-18.00 Thinking prompt – Meeting on stolen land
  ·         Michelle Lee Brown, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (USA)


·         Roxani Krystalli, Tufts University/University of St Andrews (USA/UK)

Chaired by Megan MacKenzie, University of Sydney (Australia) and

Laura Shepherd, University of Sydney (Australia)

18.00-19.30 Opening event: Panel discussion
  ·         Annick Wibben, Swedish Defence University (Sweden)


·         Yolande Bouka, George Washington University (USA)

·         Shweta Singh, South Asian University (India)

·         Megan MacKenzie, University of Sydney (Australia)

·         Laura Shepherd, University of Sydney (Australia)

Chaired by Nicole Wegner, University of Sydney (Australia)

Friday, 20 September




Thinking prompt – Allyship on Stolen Land: “Heavy lifting & stepping up”


·         Nick Apoifis, UNSW Sydney (Australia)


Panel 1: Colonial violence


·         Lucy Geddes, LSE (UK), The politics of absence and localisation of the Australian National Action Plan: consequences and ways forward for settler-colonial states

·         Alex Edney-Browne, University of Melbourne (Australia), Dismantling the techno-fetish: Drones as a continuation of colonial bombardment 





Thinking prompt – Warrior fire: Burning for future generations


·         Jessica Russ-Smith, UNSW Sydney (Australia)


Lunch and option to attend climate strike


Panel 2: Endings


·         Sarah Phillips, University of Sydney (Australia), The lingering place of war in peace

·         Kate Macfarlane, Australian National University (Australia), The Reintegration of Girl Child soldiers in Sri Lanka: The social-political complexities of return

·         Keshab Giri, University of Sydney (Australia), Female Combatants in Maoist Insurgency (Nepal): Conflict after the End of the War

·         Alba Boer Cueva, UNSW Sydney (Australia), Identity Politics and Women’s Experiences of Empowerment and Security




Panel 4: Time/space


·         Jackie Dent, University of Sydney (Australia), War Never Ends

·         Shannon Zimmerman, University of Queensland (Australia), Misogyny: Private problem or security Issue?

·         Bonnie Cherry, University of Berkeley (USA), The place of the weaponized auditory-sonorous in performances of state security

·         Jayson Waters, University of Sydney (Australia), Process Theory and Bumpy Temporalities: Reconciling Entanglement and Individuality with Quantum Cosmologies

Saturday, 21 September




Thinking prompt: Challenging Western conceptions of time


·         Christine Winter, University of Sydney (Australia)


Panel 5: Peace


·         Joanne Wallis, Australian National University (Australia), Lost in space and out of time? Gender, spatiality and temporality in the vernacular of women international peacebuilders

·         Jenna Sapiano, Monash University (Australia), and Jacqui True, Monash University (Australia), When Women are a ‘Red Line’: Gender Analysis of Elite Peace Processes

·         Nicole Wegner, University of Sydney (Australia), National mythology connecting the Canadian military with an international peacekeeping identity





Panel 6: Violence


·         Susan Hutchinson, Australian National University (Australia), Conflict related sexual violence perpetrated against Myanmar’s Rohingya and the Yazidis of Iraq and Syria

·         Liya Khan, University of Chicago (USA), Explaining Variation in Sexual Violence in Conflict: An Analysis of the Syrian Civil War

·         Sofia Patel, King’s College, London (UK), and Jacqueline Westermann, independent researcher, Women and Islamic State terrorism: an assessment of how gender perspectives are integrated in countering violent extremism policy and practices

·         Swati Parashar, University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Famines as Mass Atrocities: Reconsidering Violence, Accountability and Memory in Relation to Hunger




Panel 7: Affect/emotionality


·         Christine Agius, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), War preparedness, militarisation, and gendered temporalities of violence

·         Michelle Ringrose, Queensland University of Technology (Australia), and Helen Berents, Queensland University of Technology (Australia), Visualising Women’s Suffering: Images of the Yazidi Genocide in Civil Society Advocacy

·         Naomi Head, University of Glasgow (UK), “Custodians and conduits” of cultural counterinsurgency: women’s bodies as historical and contemporary affective military terrain


Closing event: Panel discussion


·         Claire Duncanson, University of Edinburgh (UK)

·         Tom Gregory, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

·         Keshab Giri, University of Sydney (Australia)

·         Alba Boer Cueva, University of New South Wales (Australia)

·         Sertan Saral, University of Sydney (Australia)

Chaired by Jackie Dent, University of Sydney (Australia)


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