Megan’s research interests include:

  • Feminist international relations
  • International Security
  • Critical/Post International Development
  • Post-conflict reconstruction
  • Transitional Justice

Her ongoing research projects include:

Women in Combat

Women are excluded from combat duties in the majority of national defence forces across the world. This project will consider why some countries have chosen to remove the combat exclusion and the impacts of this policy change. By gathering and analyzing date from four countries that have removed the exclusion (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States), this project will advance our understanding of the political drivers and the consequences of this policy change, in terms of gender integration. This research was funded in 2013 by the Australian Research Council under the Discovery Early Career Research Fund scheme.

Images and International Security

This project examines the role images play in world politics. Images circulate rapidly, reaching audiences across the globe. Images can help create conflicts, they document atrocities, but they also show how former enemies can be reunited. Images “speak” security, but governments, diplomats, journalists and activists compete to define what exactly images “say”. The project is devoted to building new theory and empirical insights on why and how images influence international relations.

The project is led by Project Director Lene Hansen, and was launched in 2014 with funds from the Danish Council for Independent Research. Project co-researchers include Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Iver B. Neumann, Michael C. WilliamsSimone Molin FriisAlexei TsinovoiBertel Teilfeldt Hansen and Johan SpannerMegan’s contribution to Images and International Security will draw from her expertise on gender, representation and identity formation.

Women and Post-conflict Transformation: Lessons of the Past, Implications for the Future

Directed by Joyce Kaufman and Kristen Williams, with funding from the United States Institute for Peace, this project addresses questions pertaining to women during post-conflict reconciliation. It includes a range of international scholars and experts and is intended to result in recommendations for the disarmament, demobilization, and social reintegration of former female combatants in post-conflict zones around the world. 


Megan currently holds affiliations with the following institutions:

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